Bubbles of Fun Swimming Lessons

Bubbles of Fun conveniently offers multiple 2 weeks courses. Classes are held Monday through Thursday for one hour each day (rain-out days are made up on Fridays).


Classes are kept small, so space is limited. Register now!

swim class skills taught

June 5 – June 15

10:00   |   11:30   |   5:00   |   6:30



June 19 – June 29

10:00   |   11:30   |   5:00   |   6:30



July 10 – July 20

10:00   |   11:30   |   5:00   |   6:30



Advanced Swimming

Prerequisite: Mastery of 5 Basic Strokes
Includes: Advanced strokes, diving & introduction to lifeguard training


July 24 – July 27

5:30 to 7:30



Adult Lessons


July 31 – August 3

5:30 - 7:30


water adjustment

blow bubbles

hold breath for 10 seconds

supported front glide

supported back glide

supported beginner stroke

jumps with help



front float

front glide with kick

back float

back glide with kick

front crawl

introduction of dog paddle

jumps alone


Advanced Beginner

front crawl with breathing

introduction of elementary back stroke

introduction of treading water

dog paddle perfected

underwater swimming

survival stroke

standing dive with help



front crawl perfected

elementary back stroke perfected

introduction of back crawl

introduction of side stroke

introduction of breast stroke

treads water for 3 minutes

dives off board



all five basic strokes perfected

butterfly stroke

surface dives

inverted side stroke

stride jump

treads water with no hands

dives off board with approach